Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, Cartier...

Established in 1984, 2nd Hand Branded Watches Pte Ltd is another name for
Peng Kwee Watches & Jewellery Pte Ltd. It is one of the largest second hand retail
in watches in Singapore. The reason we called it '2nd Hand' is because we want to
give an impression to all customers we are the best dealer in this line. Throughout
the years, we grow with our customers who have been supporting the company
since day one. Attentive, sincerity and friendly services have won us many hearts
throughout the years.

Some watches are recently released models, some are limited edition.
Peng Kwee is the best dealer in second hand watches and though they
may not be first hand, but through our trained specialists, we gave them
a new life, looking at their best that look new.

We are a legitimate company with more than ten over years in the market. We
specialise in luxury brand new, preowned & vintage watches. We know customers
are concerned with buying expensive products over internet without seeing it or
knowing the person or store. Please sit back & enjoy surfing our informative site with
our self - shot pictures.

We are a reputable dealer in Singapore & on the Internet. We have clients from
Asia and also European countries. We are NOT interested to cheat as that will put our
reputation on stake and spoil our country's image.

You pay and we deliver. We have closed lots of deals with buyers, suppliers &
dealers all over the world. Our reputation runs through recommendation from friends.
Most of our customers become our friends after a while. We invite you to visit us
anytime for a chat & you do not need to buy anything.

Every watch will have warranty that assures every customer of the parts
we used are ORIGINAL and in GOOD CONDITION.

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